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Nitecore UM10 USB Charger w/ 1x IMR 18350 Battery

Nitecore UM10 USB Charger w/ 1x IMR 18350 Battery

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This Nitecore rechargeable battery and USB charger kit is a perfect companion to Nitecore's hugely popular EC11 flashlight! The kit includes one Nitecore UM10 USB Battery charger one Nitecore IMR 18350 Rechargeable battery, and one USB charger cable.

Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery:

If you have a device and are looking for a battery powerful enough to maximize your devices performance, look no further. Nitecore is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of rechargeable Li-Mn batteries.

If you are looking for a 18350 battery for your flashlight, a Nitecore battery will ensure your flashlight gets the maximum light output available. If you are unfamiliar with the ratings on a IMR 18350 battery, as a rule of thumb, the higher the mAh value the longer your flashlight will run. A battery's mAh rating refers to the capacity of the battery's cell, i.e. a 700mAh battery will operate your flashlight longer than a 500mAh battery.

  • IMR 18350 Li-Mn Rechargeable Battery
  • 700mAh 3.7V 12.6Wh
  • Perfect for High Current Devices like Nitecores EC11
  • Please Note: This high-discharge performance Li-Mn IMR battery does not have protection against overcharging, over discharging, or shorting. It is important that you do not discharge below 2.75VDC, do not charge above 4.2VDC, and do not short circuit. These batteries require charging with an IMR Charger such as Nitecore's D2, D4, or UM10.

    Nitecore UM10 Charger:

    Don't let this little guy's low price fool you, this charger is absolutely awesome! Unlike conventional battery chargers that require an AC outlet, Nitecore's UM1 charges via USB. That means that you can recharge your batteries with your computer, your phone charger, your Rexford Tools SMART Charger, virtually any powered USB port!

    Nitecore's UM10 is not only compact, it has a winder integrated into the unit so you can keep the USB cable out of the way when not in use!

    Nitecore's design team also integrated a secondary USB port so you can charge your smartphone, or other device while you charge your battery. The intelligent micro controller allows you to select a priority device, and if there is not enough power for both, it will charge the priority device first.


  • USB powered Li-ion battery charger
  • High definition LCD displays real time charging status
  • Features USB output charging
  • Integrated intelligent power management system
  • Intelligently detects input power
  • Intelligently distributes charging power
  • Priority Mode offers either battery or USB charging
  • Enables data transfer via USB
  • Intelligently selects charging current based on battery capacity
  • Features rear USB cable winder and grooves to accommodate 2.5mm/3.0mm USB cables
  • Constructed from fire retardant materials
  • Features reverse polarity protection
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC
  • Insured worldwide by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
  • Specifications:

  • Input voltage: Micro USB DC 5V
  • Output voltage: 4.2V _1% / 5V
  • Output current: 1000mA / 500mA
  • Compatible with Li-ion / IMR: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440
  • Dimensions: 3.94"_1.50"_1.38" (100mm_ 38mm_35mm)
  • Weight: 2.01oz (57 gram)(without battery or power cord
  • the UM10 Operation Manual

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