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RIP-29108   Ripley CST565TX-R Replacement Guide Sleeve, RED
RIP-CST625-BIT-KIT   Ripley CST625 Replacement Blade and Sleeve
RIP-31420   Ripley CST625 Replacement Coring Blade
RIP-33847   Ripley CST700TX Replacement Guide Sleeve, BLACK
RIP-CST750-BIT-KIT   Ripley CST750 Replacement Blade and Sleeve
RIP-31520   Ripley CST750 Replacement Coring Blade
RIP-CST875-BIT-KIT   Ripley CST875 Replacement Blade and Sleeve
RIP-31620   Ripley CST875 Replacement Coring Blade
DCS   Ripley DCS Drop Cable Slitter Tool
RIP-80955   Ripley Fiber Buffer Tube & Drop Cable Slitter - 3.5mm
RIP-RCS114   Ripley Hard Cable Jacket Stripper - 4.5mm to 29mm
RIP-MB03-7030   Ripley Long Span SST-Drop Cable Slitter
RIP-46331   Ripley Miller 86 1/2SF Electrical Shears
RIP-44625   Ripley Miller 921 Multi-Wire Stripper/Cutter - 20-30AWG
RIP-37880   Ripley Miller ACS Armored Cable Slitter
RIP-MB05-7000   Ripley Miller ACS+ Cable Slitter
RIP-37897   Ripley Miller ACS-2 Armored Cable Slitter
RIP-46107-M   Ripley Miller CFS-2 Fiber Optic Stripper - 250 micron
RIP-81300   Ripley Miller CFS-3 Three Hole Fiber Optic Stripper
RIP-42555   Ripley Miller CommScope Mid-Span Entry Tool
RIP-46131   Ripley Miller CSH96 Splicer's Tools Holster
RIP-46043   Ripley Miller Electronic Scissors w/notch
RIP-42670   Ripley Miller FDS Fiber Drop Stripper
RIP-CCT-2   Ripley Miller Fiber Continuity Tester
RIP-46124   Ripley Miller Fiber Optic Scribe w/ Wedge Tip
RIP-FS9500   Ripley Miller Fiber-Safe Safety Kit
RIP-80675   Ripley Miller FO 103-D-250 Two Hole Fiber Stripper
RIP-80676   Ripley Miller FO 103-D-J Fiber Stripper
RIP-80677   Ripley Miller FO 103-T-250-J Tri Hole Fiber Stripper
RIP-80355   Ripley Miller FO-103S Single Hole Fiber Stripper
RIP-FO-CF   Ripley Miller FO-CF Fiber Optic Center Feed Stripper
RIP-FO-SNC   Ripley Miller FO-SnC Fiber Optic Stripper
RIP-46490   Ripley Miller FOC-SS Fiber Optic Cleaver
RIP-81210   Ripley Miller FOJST Fiber Optic Jacket Slitter
RIP-80980   Ripley Miller FTS Fiber Tube Scorer
RIP-80990   Ripley Miller FTS-005 Fiber Tube Scorer
RIP-80985   Ripley Miller FTS-035 Fiber Tube Scorer
RIP-MB04-7000   Ripley Miller FTTX Slitter
RIP-80860   Ripley Miller IET Fiber Optic Insertion/Extraction Tool
RIP-46175   Ripley Miller KC699 6 1/4in KEVLAR Cutter
RIP-80665   Ripley Miller KS-1 Kevlar Shears w/Pouch
RIP-80671   Ripley Miller KS-1 Kevlar Cutter
RIP-80785   Ripley Miller Mid-Span Access Tool - 2, 2.5 & 3mm
RIP-MB01-7000   Ripley Miller MSAT 16 Mid-Span Access Tool
RIP-80930   Ripley Miller MSAT-5 Mid-Span Access Tool - 1.9mm-3mm
RIP-80935   Ripley Miller Replacement Blades for MSAT-5
RIP-37140   Ripley Miller Round Cable Stripper - up to 1.14in
RIP-46183   Ripley Miller Softy Work Mat (14x22 White)
RIP-81161   Ripley Miller STR Steel Tape Remover
RIP-MA01-7001   Ripley Miller Stripper/Shear Kit w/ CFS-3
RIP-MA01-7000   Ripley Miller Stripper/Shear Kit w/ FO-103-T-250-J
RIP-MA01-7500   Ripley Miller Stripper/Shear Tool Pouch
RIP-MB01-7500   Ripley MSAT 16 Replacement Blades
RIP-33668   Ripley QRT540 Replacement Coring Blade
RIP-MB03-7010   Ripley ROC Drop Cable Slitter For Toner Wire
RIP-MB03-7000   Ripley ROC Drop Cable Stripper
RIP-MB03-7020   Ripley SST-Drop Cable Slitter For Toner Wire
RIP-36343   Ripley Tools Replacement Blade For MWS500
RIP-35150   Ripley Utility PIT 1T Load Break Elbow Probe Insertion Tool
RIP-12340   Ripley Utility WS 22A Power Driven End Stripper
RIP-WS71   Ripley Utility WS 71 Adjustable End Stripper
RIP-FDS-2-3MM   Riply Miller Fiber Drop Stripper - Buffer Tube Slitter
HLT-RO175   Rite-On Self-Laminating Label Dispenser 3/4, 4-4/0 AWG
HLT-RO512   Rite-On Self-Laminating Label Dispenser 3/4, 8-4 AWG
SKY-CON9024   RJ-45 Quick Plug/Easy Repair, Clear - 50 pieces
SKY20858   RJ11 4-Wire Modular Coupler
ECL-902-459   RJ11 Bed of Nails Replacement Cord Set
SKY20896   RJ45 CAT5e Networking Plugs [Bag Of 100]
SKY20859   RJ45 Modular Coupler
RMT-ST816   RMT 1mW Visual Fault Locator
RMT-ST3900   RMT 25pc Fiber Optic Tool Kit w/ Cleaver, Source, & Meter
RMT-ST3110A   RMT Fiber Cleaver .25mm .90mm (250um / 900um)
RMT-ST3900-NZ   RMT Fiber Nippers (Tweezer)
RMT-ST815C   RMT Fiber Optical Laser Power Source - 1310/1550/850/1300nm
RMT-ST815   RMT Fiber Optical Laser Power Source - 1310/1550nm
RMT-ST800K-ST815   RMT Laser Source & A/C Optical Power Meters -70 to +26
RMT-ST800K-A-ST815   RMT Laser Source & Optical Power Meter -50 to +26
RMT-ST800K-B-ST815B   RMT Laser Source & Optical Power Meter -50 to +26 w/LC
RMT-ST800K-C-ST815   RMT Laser Source & Optical Power Meter -70 to +3
RMT-ST800K-D-ST815B   RMT Laser Source & Optical Power Meters -70 to +3 w/LC
RMT-ST815B   RMT Laser Source - 1310/1550 FC ST SC LC
RMT-ST800K-A   RMT Optical Power Meter -50 to +26
RMT-ST800K-C   RMT Optical Power Meter -70 to +3
RMT-ST800K-B   RMT Optical Power Meter FC ST SC LC -50 -+26
RMT-ST800K-D   RMT Optical Power Meter FC ST SC LC -70 to +3
RMT-D230   RMT-D230 Rugged Telephone Test Set w/ Piercing Clips
SKY2626   Roof Sealant Tape - 3-3/4in x 10ft
ROS-8720ES   Rostra Tools 59,6,7,11 Cable Stripper
ROS-9800CS   Rostra Tools Replacement Blades for 9820US
ROY1248   Royal Rack 1U Rack Light Bar
81-740   , 81-740">RoyRods - 24' Compact Wire Running Kit
81-735   , 81-735">RoyRods - 30' Luminous Wire Running Kit
81-730   , 81-730">RoyRods - 30' Pro Wire Running Kit
81-700   , 81-700">RoyRods - 36' Pro Wire Running Kit
81-713   RoyRods Flex Tip
81-707   RoyRods J-Tip
81-704   RoyRods Luminous Quick Connect Rod - 3ft
81-703   , 81-703">RoyRods Luminous Quick Connect Rod - 6ft
81-709   RoyRods Magnet Tip
81-719   RoyRods Quick Connect Lighted Bullnose Tip
81-751   RoyRods Quick Connect Luminous Whisk
81-745   RoyRods Quick Connect Premium Accessory Tip Kit
81-708   RoyRods Replacement Bullnose Tips
81-710   RoyRods Replacement Chain Tip
81-715   RoyRods Sock Tip - 6ft x 1/4in
81-714   RoyRods Sock Tip - 6ft x 1/8in
81-706   RoyRods Z-Tip
RTC-RICK-WIFI   RTC RICK Wi-Fi Rigid Inspection Camera Kit - IOS/Android Compatible
RTC-RICK-KIT   RTC RICK Wireless Rigid Inspection Camera Kit - Great for Wire Fishing!
RTC-X580-BCC   RTC-X580 Belt Carrying Case
RO300   Ruegg Manufacturing 3in Cable Roller
RO300-10   Ruegg Manufacturing 3in Cable Roller - 10 Pack
DUALROLLER   Ruegg Manufacturing Dual 1in Cable Roller
SLAP-ON-2   Ruegg Manufacturing Slap On #2 Cable Roller
SLAP-ON-2-10   Ruegg Manufacturing Slap On #2 Cable Roller - 10 Pack
SLAP-ON-2-SS   Ruegg Manufacturing Slap On #2 Cable Roller w/ Slide Stop
MINI   Ruegg Manufacturing Slap On 1in Cable Roller
S110INSERT-I   S-Video Quickport Insert - Ivory
S110INSERT-W   S-Video Quickport Insert - White
SV-RCA   S-Video Separator - RCA
QVS-QP2218-1M   Samsung Smartphone Charging Cable - 3ft
1098CT   Sargent 1098CT RG6/59 Coaxial Compression Tool
8500S   Sargent 8500S Stubby RG6/59 Cable Stripper
8510S   Sargent 8510S Stubby RG11/7 Cable Stripper
8530S   Sargent 8530S Stubby UTP CAT5/6 Cable Stripper
8570S   Sargent 8570S Stubby Mini Coax Cable Stripper
8800US   Sargent 8800US RG6/59 Uni-Seal Compression Tool
8820US   Sargent 8820US RG6/59 Uni-Seal Compression Tool
9000US   Sargent 9000US RG6/59/11Uni-Seal Compression Tool
9010US   Sargent 9010US RG6/59/11Uni-Seal Compression Tool
ROS-9030US   Sargent 9030US Compression Tool EX/TRS 6 & 59 - EX/DRS 7 & 11
ROS-9035US   Sargent 9035US Compression Tool 6 & 59 - 7 & 11
9800US   Sargent 9800US RG6/59 Compression Tool & Stripper
9820US   Sargent 9820US RG6/59 Compression Tool & Stripper
ROS-1027-CT   Sargent D-Subminiature Crimper - 30-18AWG
ROS-3127-CT   Sargent D-Subminiature Pins and Sockets Crimp Tool
ROS-1406S   Sargent Loose-Leaf Hole Punch - 1/4in
ROS-1026CT   Sargent Open Barrel Crimp - 30-16AWG
ROS-8640-QS   Sargent Quad Stripper 2x RG6/59 Stripper & 2x RG7/11 Stripper
ROS-8643-QS   Sargent Quad Stripper 3x RG6/59 Stripper & RG6/59 Cutter
ROS-8642-QS   Sargent Quad Stripper RG6/59, RG7/11 Stripper, RG6/59 Cutter
ROS-8647-QS   Sargent Quad Stripper RG6/59, RG7/11, UTP Strip, CAT5 Cutter
ROS-8641-QS   Sargent Quad-Stripper 2x RG6/59 Stripper & 2x RG6/59 Cutter
ROS-8700-25   Sargent Replacement Cartridge 6/59 (Orange)
ROS-8700-15   Sargent Replacement Cartridge Cat5 (Red)
ROS-8700-70   Sargent Replacement Cartridge Mini Coax (Green)
ROS-8700-30   Sargent Replacement Cartridge UTP (Blue)
SG-VT200   Sargent SAR 200 US Compression Tool
SG-VT300   Sargent SAR 300 US Compression Tool
ROS-8700-10   Sargent Stripper Replacement Blade RG7/11 (gray)
ROS-8450   Sargent Twisted Pair Easy Stripper
CPR-CPT-7691   SCTE Commscope & Times Fiber Mini Cable Stripper
CA-1616-Q   Seco-Larm 2.1mm Female Plug to 2.1mm Female Plug Adapter
CA-1515-Q   Seco-Larm 2.1mm Male Jack to 2.1mm Male Jack Adapter
CA-1615-06LQ   Seco-Larm 2.1mm Male to Female LED Adapter
CA-1526-1FQ   Seco-Larm Power Splitter: 2.1mm Male Jack to Two Female Plugs
RTC-864   Self Adjusting 23-10awg Wire Ferrule Crimper
1734821   Self Laminating White 1in x 18' for Rhino Labelers
TNB4014   Senior Industries SI-0038 5/8in Ground Rod Clamp
SR-700547   Sherman & Reilly No. 1 Ball Hook
SR-700212   Sherman & Reilly No. 3030 Y-Ball Fitting
SR-700317   Sherman & Reilly No. 6 Oval Eye
SR-700104   Sherman & Reilly No. 8 Clevis
GRE-700119   Sherman + Reilly XS-100-B No. 1 Hook w/ Clasp
GRE-52075509   Sherman + Reilly XS-100-B Universal Stringing Block
TAL-RJ45C-SH5   Shielded Quickport Cat 5e Coupler Female to Female
TAL-RJ45C-SH6   Shielded Quickport Cat 6 Coupler Female to Female
H3N1.0-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat Shrink Tubing, Black - 1in x 25ft
H3N1.5-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 1 1/2in x 25ft
H3N0.50-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 1/2in x 25ft
H3N0.25-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 1/4in x 25ft
H3N0.13-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 1/8in x 25ft
H3N0.75-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 3/4in x 25ft
H3N0.38-MS   ShrinkFlex 3 to 1 Heat-Shrink Tubing, Black - 3/8in x 25ft
SV-03   Signal Vision SV-03 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Passing
SV-05   Signal Vision SV-05 5/8in to F Test Probe - AC Blocked
SKY5020   Signature Series 3in Write-On Cable Ties - Pack of 100
SKY3226   Signature Series Ground Wire Flexible Screw Clips, 100pcs
DO-H002   Simply45 Adapter Harnesses for The Dongler - 3pc
SIMPLY45-STRIP-BL   Simply45 Adjustable UTP Stripper - Blue
SIMPLY45-STRIP-YL   Simply45 Adjustable UTP Stripper - Yellow
DO-H001   Simply45 Dongle Harnesses for The Dongler - 3pc
DO-D004   Simply45 HDMI Port Saver Pigtail Dongle Adapter
SIMPLY45-CRIMPER   Simply45 Heavy Duty Pass Through Crimper
SIMPLY45-CAT5E-SH   Simply45 Pass Through Cat5e STP (internal ground) Connectors - 50pc Jar
SIMPLY45-CAT5E   Simply45 Pass Through Cat5e UTP Connectors - 100pc Jar
S45-1501   Simply45 Pass Through Cat5e UTP Connectors - 50pc Clamshell
SIMPLY45-CAT6   Simply45 Pass Through Cat6 UTP Connectors - 100pc Jar
S45-1601   Simply45 Pass Through Cat6 UTP Connectors - 50pc Clamshell
SIMPLY45-CAT6A   Simply45 Pass Through Cat6a/6 UTP Connectors - 100pc Jar
S45-801   Simply45 Premium LAN Cable Flush Cutter
DO-D001   Simply45 ProAV 4K DisplayPort 1.4 Pigtail Dongle Adapter
DO-D002   Simply45 ProAV 4K Mini-DisplayPort 1.4 Pigtail Dongle Adapter
DO-D003   Simply45 ProAV 4K USB Type-C Pigtail Dongle Adapter
SIMPLY45-CRIMPER-BLADES   Simply45 Replacement Blades - 2pc
DO-L001   Simply45 The Dongler - Loaded
SKY32213   Single Cable Cement Clip Black - Qty 100
SKY32903B   Single Feed-Through Bushing Black - Qty 100
SKY32903I   Single Feed-Through Bushing Ivory - Qty 100
SKY32265SB   Single Flex Cable Clip Black - Qty 100

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