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International Shipping
How does your Canadian Shipping Work?

Canadian Order Shipments using Fedex International

Tech Tool Supply ships all Canadian packages using Fedex International Priority. This shipping method will not only cost less, but they will get you your packages twice as fast!

Fedex International packages ship within 24 hours of the order being received; most times the same day they are ordered. Being as Fedex International Priority is a express air shipping method, you will get your shipments extremely fast! Fedex Delivers Monday through Friday, and in some areas Saturday (check with your local Fedex Hub for Details).

With Fedex International shipments to Canada, the Brokerage is paid up front in the shipping charge. All that needs to be paid at delivery is Duties and Taxes. Please keep in mind, Duties and Taxes are controlled by the Canadian Government; Neither Tech Tool Supply nor Fedex have any control over the cost of the Duties and Taxes. Please note that Duties and Taxes will be collected at the time of delivery.

Will There Be Customs or Brokerage Fees?
Tech Tool Supply does not collect customs fees, brokerage fees, additional taxes, duties or tariffs that might be imposed by the receiving country. We collect only the charges associated with shipping the package. The customer is responsible for any and all Customs and Brokerage fees your country may charge at the time of delivery. If you are unsure of your country's Customs and Brokerage fees, please contact your local Fedex office for further details.

What are my payment choices?
Tech Tool Supply requires Wire Transfers on all International orders over $500. Credit Card orders under $500 are subject to the requirements of our credit card processing company. This includes, but is not limited to, copy of credit card, copy of drivers license, and/or transaction authorization code.

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?
As with all Tech Tool Supply Orders, we treat every order with urgency. Once your account is set-up and payment is received, orders normally ship within 24 hours. Shipping charges will be agreed upon prior to processing your order.

What is the return policy and warranty policy on all international shipments?
We Test and TRIPLE check all International Orders. Tech Tool Supply uses a three step process to insure international shipping errors are kept to a minimum. Every electronic device is thoroughly checked and bench-tested to guarantee it arrives in proper working condition. We use a monitored three step process during packaging to maintain our excellent shipping record. Once a package leaves our facility with an international destination Tech Tool Supply can no longer be held responsible for customs, abroad shipping companies, or any other shipping issues.

If customs opens your package and charges you duty, confiscates merchandise, or anything else of that nature, Tech Tool Supply cannot be held accountable / responsible.

Once a package leaves our facility with an international destination, all Warranty claims must be handled directly through the products manufacturer. If you have specific Warranty questions or issue, please contact the product manufacturer directly. Please also note that we are not responsible for shipping items to or from Tech Tool Supply or the manufacturer during a warranty claim.

Lastly, Tech Tool Supply is not responsible for any shipping charges (for returns, exchanges) on merchandise sold to any international destinations and thus cannot pay for shipping to or from international locations.